Bathroom Design

5 things your bathroom is trying to tell you. Bathroom remodel contractors in your area. Bathroom is your right, not a privilege. Using the bathroom is your right, not a privilege.

Bathroom Accessories & Costs

If lately you have been looking for bathroom accessories so you surly know that the list of bathroom accessories is almost endless.

Bathroom accessories are towel hangers, toilet paper holders, toothbrush holders and every else related to the bathroom. Also to the sink and the toilet you could call bathroom accessories and you can get all of those...


Bathroom Hand Basins

Bathroom is the place where you clean your body...

More products offered by the bathroom warehouse for bathrooms includes a selection of bathroom sinks and bathroom sinks hanging or lying...


Bathtubs & Showers

Let yourself relax and enjoy the feeling of bathtub every night after hard day...

Additionally, bathtubs, unlike showers, are with us since the beginning of history and the variety of designs only prof the depth of culture where they are coming into the world.


Latest Project

Latest Project

Bathroom Renovation

One of the most important rooms while renovating the house is the bathroom. Unlike other rooms in the house (part for the kitchen), non-renovated bathroom looks bad and can effect greatly in the value of renting the house or it's sale value, therefor, many landlords in Brisbane renovate their bathroom once every 15-20 years.


Blog Entries

Stainless kitchen sinks

Are you looking to buy stainless kitchen sink or to the bathroom? In the this post we will give you prices of leading sink manufacturers in Brisbane and Australia. All the details are in this article.

November 29, 2011

Toilet Suites

In between all the toilet facilities or the bathtub the toilet is the one that commits you to careful choice both due it's functioning and aesthetically. But it easy to get along with it as it's size is standard.

November 24, 2011